Odysseia - BIP350

Odysseia - BIP350
Photo by Rae Tian / Unsplash

The addressing system that ARK Core uses is based on one of the first addressing system in Bitcoin and Bitcoin has long since moved on to multiple new addressing systems, the latest being BIP350 - the successor of BIP173.

I won't go into too much details about BIP173 or BIP350 because a lot of of their details are Bitcoin specific. They won't matter to any blockchain that is purely interested in the addressing generation aspect of it and that's what we'll break down.

When looking at AdVSe37niA3uFUPgCgMUH2tMsHF4LpLoiX and ark17wj3w5ctv24v0cs7dgjpzfkycsmyq0vut88060s5pa97xy28ds7qqw9met you'll immediately notice that those addresses look quite different. Bech32 and Bech32m addresses always start with a human-readable prefix that should be unique per network and/or coin. The rest of the address is made up of checksums, the actual address segment and an error correction segment.

The error correction segment can be used to automatically fix up to 4 errors in the address, for example when a user mistypes their address. While this is a possibility it is not advised to apply any automated fixes because this can result in a loss of funds for end-users.