Open Source Uses About


Hey! I’m Brian Faust, an autodidact full-stack developer & consultant. Over the last decade my main focus has been on commercial projects which I’ve developed, maintained and eventually sold or retired. These days I shifted my focus to open-source software and try to bring simplicity to my projects without compromising functionality or testability; some are actively maintained, and others archived.

I started out with building web applications around 2004 and from then on dabbled with everything from low-level programming languages for enterprise applications, desktop & mobile development and eventually ending up at web applications again where I’ve developed and maintained applications for clients and eventually build aforementioned commercial products. All of those products had been build with Laravel, which in my opinion is the best back-end framework out there together with Ruby on Rails.


If you need help with a technical or architectural problem, I can help as an independent consultant. Here’s a short list of what I’m good at.


  • PHP, Ruby, Go, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, …
  • Conception, architecture & implementation
  • Implementing traffic handling strategies (workers, caching, rate limiting)
  • Review, refactoring & rescue of legacy applications

Product development

  • Brainstorming features & implementations
  • Determining priorities to ship faster
  • Sharing lessons learned building my own SaaS projects


  • Servers (Debian & Ubuntu)
  • Web, Database & Caching servers like nginx, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Performant & Modern PHP (7.0 and higher)
  • High availability setups for the cloud or dedicated servers
  • Scaling your application beyond a single server (load balancing, failover, horizontal scaling, …)
  • Server security

How to reach me?

If you’re interested in working together, reach out via [email protected] We can schedule a meeting to talk about the challenge or problem you’re facing and how I can help.

I have a strong preference for remote work and short-term projects. If you have an acute problem or question, I’ll most likely be able to help out.